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Bridge IV Films

About Us

Bridge IV Films is the collaborative partnership between Edinburgh-based video producers Juan Martos and Diego Almazan. Working together since 2016, we specialise in corporate, commercial, events and documentary.

Juan Martos
Diego Almazan

Juan Martos is a recent Edinburgh College of Arts postgraduate in Film Directing (2015-2016) and has collaborated in institutions such as the Scottish Documentary Institute, British Council and Take One Action Film Festivals. Alongside his work as video producer, Juan has relevant work experience providing technical assistance in educational and organisational settings.

Diego Almazan is a self-shooting director and DP with years of experience in the craft and expertise in multiple digital media processes. BA (Hons.) in Media Production, Diego was granted a full-year Erasmus specialisation in Film Studies at the University College Cork and continues to develop his skill set with various UoE’s independent courses. His current portfolio showcases a variety of roles, from camerawork to advanced post-production workflows. For more information about Diego visit his professional website here.

Juan Martos and Diego Almazan