Sun Rises. Smitten

Official music video for the single of Smitten´s first EP. The original idea for the film came from Charlie Wild, guitarist. From that starting point there was a translation into the screen given by Diego Almazan. The film explores the realms of reality in a meta-narrative that is open to interpretation. This work has been influenced by Hiro Murai and his genius.

Here you can find Smitten´s EP. Blame.

Mise-en-scène by Diego Almazan
Actors Direction and original idea by Charlie Wild
Assistant direction and camera operation by Juan Martos
Gaffers. David Sierra, Nicole Smit, Cristina García, Tom Wigmore
Song recorded and mastered by Jim Shemilt
Edinburgh 2017

Technical Aspects. Canon C.100 Mark.I working along with Atomos Ninja Assassin. Recorded on AppleRes 422 25fps 1080p. The lens used was a 28mm on f.1.8 and ND2 4 stops. The subject was lighted with two LED Boltzen CameTV 55 Watts spot lights. The movement of the camera is made out of a combination of a DJI Ronin upside down mounted on a motorised Rhino Slider 42 inches.