Built For Pain. The Blueswater

When Felipe told me that he had this crazy idea for a music video I was like, lets do it. Then, he mentioned that the video should be done in a single take and backwards. And, I said: lets do it!.

PS1. It was shot on a Canon C100 with the Canon 24mm f1.4 & using an Atomos Ninja Assassin mounted on a DJI Ronin. PS2. This was take number 11 and last on shooting schedule.

Thanks to the effort of all the crew to make this possible.

Director & Editor. Diego Almazán
DOP. Nelisa Alcalde
Sound Mixer. Jim Shemilt
Color Grading. 422.tv by Neil Allan
Production Assistant. Juan Martos, Leticia Miguel
Cast. Felipe Schrieberg, Lauren Elizabeth

Edinburgh. 2016