The Spoonful Second Scoop. The Blueswater

The Spoonful represents a hub for the blues enthusiasts in Scotland. They get together in order to share their passion and talents around that particular music. From the 30th of June to the 3rd of July 2016 The Spoonful Second Scoop took place at the charming Leith Community Centre in Edinburgh. On the 1st of July, and among other artist The Blueswater was playing some tunes for the unexpected dance performance of the Spoonful teachers: Vicci Moore and Adamo Ciarallo; Julie Brown and Dan Repsch; Catherine Palmier and JoYsS; Annette Kühnle.

Music. The Blueswater
Music Recording and Mixing. Jim Shemilt
Cinematography and Editing. Diego Almazán

Shot on a Canon C100 pared with an Atomos Ninja Assassin