A Celebration of Multiculturality. True Connection

True Connection was a gathering of likeminded people mainly in the common ground of the Eurasian culture in the United Kingdom. But most importantly, the ones who participated wanted to celebrate the differences and similarities in between human beings from all over the world. Shahsanem Murray, Kyrgyz writer based in Edinburgh, was the main initiator of the True Connection project. In fact, she becomes the one to which all participants relate to in one way or another. This film is a homage to the energy and emotions that were shared on the 10th of March of 2017 in Edinburgh.

Artistic Director & Initiator. Shahsanem Murray
Financial Support. Gordon Murray
With the participation of. Gulzada Hamra, Marat Akhmedjnaov, Laura Hamilton, Shirin Abdullaeva, David Melville Wingrove, Rosie Sweetnam, Zaynab M.Dost, Brian Thomson, Benjamin Naumann
Filmmakers. Diego Almazán, Juan Martos
Film Clips included. "A Common Spiritual Connection" by Shahsanem Murray, "We used to write love letters and watch the sunrise" by Paul Morgan, "Snow Day" by Denis Filippov
Special Thanks. Nurjamal Ibraeva, Agne Celik, Osmon Celik, Asel Iman, Raushan, Quaker Meeting House, Restaurant Circus.
Special Mention to Dr. Stephen Bunn of University of Strathclyde
Huge thanks for Rolland Man, Laura, Anka and Anthia

Edinburgh. 2017

Music by Sergey Cheremisinov
License: CC BY-NC 4.0
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